The Need for Structured Products

World financial markets are becoming more sophisticated. Globally expanding exchanges and an increasingly diverse range of products make it difficult for even the most active market perticiapnts to stay abreast with market devleopments. The need for reliable, flexible and innovative investment instruments has never been greater.

Structured products have the potential to meet the tough demands of a controlled risk/reward opportunity while providing liquidity. These investment vehicles not only provide principal protection for the investor, but also a host of diversification and absolute return-seeking qualities.

They are ideal for investors seeking to:

  • Maintain exposure to certain markets while protecting their capital
  • Enhance returns on low yielding cash balances
  • Repair equity allocations within their portfolios with products that provide partial protection and accelerated participation in uptrends
  • Control risk by investing in products that provide tailored exposure to diverse asset classes (FX, interest rates, bonds, equities, commodities), often with features that provide for optimal asset allocation.

Recent data show structured products now eclipse mutual funds as the instrument of choice for many first-time investors. In Europe alone, the market for structured products has reached $500 billion.

Let us show you some structured products that can fit into your investment portfolio.