About Us

AdvancEquities provides international investors and asset managers direct access to highly desirable structured products offering exposure to a variety of asset classes while protecting against undue downside risk. We partner with various financial institutions to design off-the-shelf structured products open to retail investors along with customized products for investors with minimums as low as US$100,000.

Formed by a team of experienced financial advisors in 2009, AdvancEquities is dedicated solely to marketing structured investments for the offshore community. Our regular contact with investment banks, product providers, IFA firms, the media and online information providers ensures our strength in the derivatives backed marketplace with an overview of the investment process from start to finish.

Quality investment advice is now more valuable than ever before. In securing the best result for an investor, AdvancEquities does not simply focus on the best price or cheapest product as this factor alone will not guarantee success. We work with leading research services that provide detailed analysis of structured products and have established ourselves at the forefront of matching product design with investor demands. We back up our judgment and knowledge of the market by the use of reliable data sources. This enables us to analyse product value and performance quickly while maintaining a fiduciary relationship with our clients. AdvancEquities pays close attention to credit quality, clarity of product materials and the after-sales service offered by product providers, particularly in relation to secondary market making. AdvancEquities believes investors’ interests are best served when product providers and financial advisers work closely together on developing investor education and understanding.