Quaterly Memory Income Autocall with Reduced Trigger (GBP)

A 6 year investment linked to the performance of the UK, European, Swedish and Australian Indices. If on any of the quarterly observation dates, including the Final Observation date, the closing levels of all the Underlyings are at or above 80% of their initial levels, the income (1.6% in GBP) will be paid plus any previously missed income payments (memory effect).

This investment will autocall and mature early if all Underlyings are equal to or above the 100% Autocall Trigger on any quarterly observation date starting at 12 months.

If early maturity occurs, full capital is returned and the investment will end. If early maturity does not occur the investment will continue to the Final Observation date. At the Final Observation date, if all Underlyings are at or above 60% of their initial levels, then full capital is returned. If any Underlying is below 60% of its original level, capital return will be reduced on a 1-for-1 basis.