Income Builder Note GBP or USD

This 6 year autocall note provides a semi annual memory coupon so long as the 4 following country stock indexes are above 80% of their initial strike levels. Currently the indexes trade at the following levels relative to their 52-week highs:

Australia is currently trading –11% down, 5691 vrs a 52-week high of 6373

China is currently trading –28% down, 10446 vrs a 52-week high of 13962

Japan is current trading –12% down, 21646 vrs a 52-week high of 24448

Sweden is current trading –13% down, 1474 vrs a 52-week high of 1679

This note pays 7.5%pa USD (3.75% Every 6 Months) or 6%pa GBP (3% Every 6 Months) income even if the worst indexes drops 20% from its initial strike – an 80% coupon trigger wih memory.

Also, the autocall trigger starts at 100% of the initial strike of the worst index of the basket, but reduces by 2.5% each semester from the 24th month. The autocall level at maturity is 82.5%.

Also, the note is fully capital protected if all indexes trade above 60% of their initial strike price.

Subscriptions for this Income Builder Note end on the 7th December 2018.